WIND - PV Systems
Mains power supply: Direct connection to the household power circuit with a public network connection. The excess electricity is fed into the grid. You can feed this is not possible to use the surplus for the heater. This is not economical in the long run, however. The exception is the operation of a heat pump. Currently, a buffer for large systems with stationary batteries is due to the time-varying consumption and income is not economical. In the future, the batteries of electric cars, electric scooters and electric bikes are loaded, single operation: If the operation is buffered without connection to the public network, the batterie power is 24, or 48 VDC.
Applications and locations for wind turbines: o agriculture, horticulture, fruit growing, forestry o Lighting for roads, paths, squares o Input current required o Power supply o charging batteries / batteries, e.g. Electric cars, electric scooters and electric bicycles o operation of air conditioning and refrigeration systems o Power supply for heat pumps o Domestic water heating o space heating, water heating, or indirectly via, eg, directly means of infrared radiators or storage heaters o blades with attached advertising o Public buildings, squares, parks, and single-family, multi-family, weekend houses A maximum use to cover domestic demand for electricity is to be aimed primarily. It makes sense to use the electricity for heating with a heat pump, 1 kWh of electricity you get about 3 - 4 kW of heat energy.
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