Disadvantage of vertical wind turbines: The slightly lower efficiency than horizontal wind turbines. Horizontal axis wind turbines are very efficient in power generation, as long as they rotate. The disadvantage of all known horizontal models is that they must constantly re-orient themselves in frequently changing wind directions. This is done by a wind vane or in large systems by a motor and control electronics that turn the blades into the wind. The advantage of this technique is that the blades will rotate only when the blades are ideally aligned. Constantly changing wind directions, slow down so the optimal production of wind power from wind energy. This means that horizontal windmills best spend most of their time ideally aligned, and they do not deliver the full power capacity. This is also the reason why horizontal wind turbines must be built on very high towers to avoid the turbulence near the ground. Small plants can be used for stand-alone operation, energy is charged in batteries, used, from 3 kW systems for power supply via a conventional inverter designed. Small wind turbines are used to cover their own electricity needs, goals are to maximize their own, decentralized power and the partial independence from the power company. The excess electricity is fed into the grid, based on their own under-supply from the grid. For the urban and rural areas, the horizontal wind turbine is the better alternative, simpler mechanical components, lower investment and maintenance costs. The best yield in the wind speed range is between 5 - 12 m / s.
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