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Zechlaser Development to date

ZECHLASER was founded in June 1985. The company leader 

Mr. Zechner has been involved in research and development in 

the field of laser technology for 25 years. The first 

developments were show systems, laser lettering devices with 

separate controls, followed by CO² Laser, Diode Laser and 

complete cutting systems for customers in Africa, Asia and 



The product is a CO² laser with sealed-off gas system, and axial 

flow CO² lasers for material processing. Cutting machines with 

a processing area from 1000 x 1000 mm up to 3000 x 1500 mm 

working size and lasers from 200 to 3000 watt. The individual 

components are produced by partners, world wide. The 

assembling process, on the basis of a co-operation with 8 

companies in Austria and abroad. The finished components are 

then assembled to form complete systems. 

The control software is programmed in-house and configured to 

meet customer requirements. The modular structure enables 

the system to be adapted to a wide variety of requirements. The 

simple structure of the machines and the drives reduces 

susceptibility to faults to a minimum while maintaining constant 

accuracy ( +/- 0.1 mm). This simplicity is also to be found in the 

controls for the processing axes and the laser. The machine 

and the laser, water-jet pump and plasma cutter are controlled 

via PC using a mouse so that in effect the only manual activities 

on the system are switching on the machine and the individual 

devices, and the feeding of the material to be processed. The 

use of the world-famous PC is particularly advantageous and 

makes the user programs easy to operate and to understand. 

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