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Our CO2 laser equipment reduces the costs and  ensures the perfection of your products. The laser  cutting system can be used on steel, wood, acrylic,  plastics, leather, rubber, paper, textiles etc.   Reduced  production  times,  mean an increase in  economy  -  more output  -  lower costs. Precision  cutting - an environmentally friendly manufacturing  technology.  The particular advantages of our equipment are  obvious:  High quality at a surprisingly low cost  Simple to operate - PC - CNC controlled  Conspicuous, for clear and compact design  The structure of the systems and the drives reduces  the equipment's susceptibility to a minimum while  retaining accuracy (+/- 0.05 mm). The simplicity is  continued in the control of the processing axes and  the laser.  The machine and the laser are controlled via PC -  CNC, so that the only manual activities on the  equipment are to switch the machine and the  individual devices on and to feed the device with the  material to be processed. PC control permits a very  flexible working method since the data of the parts  to be manufactured is determined.  The CO2 laser is the world's most widely used  lasers for material processing. Our CO2 Lasers  have output power from 200 up to 2000 watt, axial  flow and slow flow systems. 
CO2 Laser Systems 
CO2 Laser
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