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Hybride Rocket Engine  Experimental Research Model Anti-Hail  Hybrid Rocket Motor A combination of different modes of propulsion or of different energy sources within an application is called a hybrid propulsion system or a hybrid drive. Model rocketry hybrid motors use a mixture of solid and gaseous (liquid) fuels. Solid fuel consists of PE and the oxidant used is N2O gas. Like in a solid-fuelled rocket the fuel is contained within a massive enclosure which ends in a nozzle made of graphite.  One third of the overall length is taken by the solid-fuel motor; the rest is used for the tank filled with the liquid oxidant.  Because there is no combustion chamber it is sufficient to apply the oxidant by pressure and to distribute it all over the solid fuel. This motor technology combines many advantages for a model rocketry start. The hybrid rocket motor is of a more simple design than a stage with liquid fuels. There is no gas-generator, no turbine, and no combustion chamber.  Instead of a fuel-pump the N2O self-pressure is sufficient.  That lowers manufacturing costs and increases reliability considerably.  Contrary to a solid-fuel rocket motor, transportation of a hybrid motor is absolutely safe because only the solid part of the fuel, the PE or PP material, is contained within the motor body.  The oxidant gets filled only shortly before start. At one end of the tank there is an orifice for escaping of air and as a safety valve for bleeding off N2O in case a start has to be abandoned.  This nozzle must not be closed. The efficiency is lower than with liquid motors, but higher than solid-fuel motors, because a powerful oxidant can be applied. Compared to solid-fuel motors the hybrid motors are superior, lower costs, simple handling, environmentally friendly fuels, no pyro-technology, and so on. Thrust can be varied by controlling the oxidant pressure. Using appropriate electronic controls one can stop the motor and restart it again. The best way to start the motor is by using a laser beam via fibre optics. Early combustion termination is also possible. The impulse-momentum is larger than with solid-fuel motors and can reach values of about 2500 to 4200 [Nsec/Kg]. Hybrid motors are a very reasonable and eco-friendly alternative to solid-fuel motors. PDF Hybrid motor